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Our Services Over The Summer Holidays

Over this summer we will be looking at the theme ‘Surprised by Jesus’, through which we will see how Jesus surprises people by what he said and what he did.

Each week will be led by someone from within the church and with the aim of each service being to help everyone worship. They will be focusing on a different account from the Bible, but each one offers us a story where Jesus presents a surprise.

This series will cover the weeks over the summer holidays, please note that in August our services will be starting at 9:30 rather than our usual time of 10:30. We hope this will help people to continue to come our worship services and then head off and enjoy the rest of the day.

The themes we are covering are:

  • 23rd July           Introduction to ‘Surprised by Jesus’
  • 30th July           ‘KINGDOM OF FLIPPITY FLIP’ Holiday Club Service
  • 6th August       You can’t do that.
  • 13th August     Not now I’m busy.
  • 20th August     Out to dinner.
  • 27th August     Jesus Comes to Town.
  • 3rd Sep             Love who?

Whether you’re a regular attendee or perhaps have never been before, we hope you will come and join us and may be experience a surprise yourself.